Highly recommended.

I contacted Laura at PrivateScubaLessons.com because I had a very limited amount of time to work on some advanced SCUBA courses and I felt that private lessons would enable me to move along at a much faster pace and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than I could ever do in a group with other divers. Laura was very accommodating. During our initial meeting, she assessed my previous training and capabilities, and mapped out a schedule that enabled me to complete two advanced programs within the time I had available. We spent several full days together, diving twice each day in different locations. Laura's thorough preparation and familiarity with the boats, personnel, and dive sites made everything run smoothly and exactly on schedule. Her personal insights and tips were extremely helpful, not only to me, but to others on the boat, as well. She was very observant and aware of everyone around her -- even those that she was not directly responsible for. She took the time to help calm nervous divers, assist them with their equipment, and make sure everyone was safe and followed proper procedures.

I would highly recommend Laura Parke and PrivateScubaLessons.com, whether you are just thinking about learning to SCUBA dive for the first time, or you are an experienced diver looking to expand your knowledge with advanced certifications. Laura is extremely patient and knowledgeable, with a comforting and calm manner which inspires confidence. And because she works one-on-one or only with small, private groups, she will move along at whatever pace is most suitable for you.

Calm, Professional, Effective Instruction

As a captain and rescue diver with 40 years of experience I don’t like being treated like a newbie nor being talked down to, nor do I want someone so in awe of my experience that they forget to teach me anything! So when I needed several specialty certifications to earn a Master SCUBA certification from PADI, I looked at my options carefully. I could have waited for my local dive shop to offer the courses but being from frozen New Hampshire that could take a lifetime, or I could have found unknown dive shops offering the courses and jetted about the world to get them done. Then I had the good fortune to locate privatescubalessons.com and Laura Parke. Laura is located in South Florida where they have warm temperatures and varied diving experiences. We tackled wreck diving, deep diving and boat diving specialty courses. Laura did a great job covering the material, teaching what PADI required and also some practical “tips and tricks” you won’t find in the course literature. Moreover, while I always felt respected I was not coddled. Laura “benched” me for several days as I had a bad cold and while I shrugged it off she insisted I not dive until she felt I was fit. Concern with safety is what characterizes a good instructor and ultimately why we take courses in the first place. I highly recommend Laura Parke to anyone interested in becoming a diver or in becoming a better diver. You won’t be disappointed.

Awesome Experience!!!

Laura Parke is a great instructor! My fiancé and I both had 1 prior scary experience of having someone take us into the water without any preparation. Mine was for snorkeling and his was going under with someone and only sharing the oxygen in his scuba tank (no other gear). The experience we had with Laura was polar opposite in a positive way. She took the time to go over the basics verbally and on paper giving us the power of information to understand prior to entering the water. She then geared us up and we went through several skill techniques in the pool. She never rushed us and let us familiarize ourselves with the equipment being on our body in a pool environment. This is a great way to get comfortable because in the hours spent in the pool I became confident and less fearful. She then took us to a perfect dive spot with lots to see and clear, calm waters. We brought our underwater camera and she was so cool with letting us enjoy the experience and she took the pictures for us. They turned out great! We would definitely do this again and recommend her to everyone. Her years of experience, communication, patience and consideration made this the best ever!

The Best Pleasure Ever!

I recently took open water scuba lessons through privatescubalessons.com and I couldn't be happier with my experience. My private scuba instructor, Laura Parke, made my adventure better than I could have ever possibly imagined. Laura is very knowledgeable, extremely professional, and a lot of fun! Laura was patient and taught at a pace that was perfect for me, she emphasizes safety, and she made the entire experience enjoyable and fun. I would recommend Laura and privatescubalessons.com to everyone. Thanks Laura!

This is Definitely the Place to go or learn Scuba Diving!

When we first spoke on the phone, I immediately felt she understood where I was in my diving experience. Within the first few minutes on the phone she encouraged me, validated my concerns and instilled confidence that a resolution for my continued dive experience could really be something quite simple, with practice. Thank you for making it so.

As it turned out her analysis of my using the wrong equipment (BCD, Mask and Mouth piece) made all the difference in my continuing to dive! Her emphasis on being familiar with my own gear and taking time to assemble and disassemble multiple times until I was confident did prove useful. My first dive without her I caught myself getting anxious but remembering the three B’s briefing she gave me, calmed me before getting in the Ocean.

Thank you for taking the time to outfit me in new BCD and new mask and new mouth piece. Laura, the hours of refresher instruction spent with you made all the difference!

I would encourage any friend of mine to contact you for dive instruction! You were everything I needed in an instructor and I enjoyed you!

Fabulous instruction, diving, and fun!

It had been more than 15 years since I had been scuba diving, and my instructor, Laura Parke, not only gave me the confidence to conquer my fears, but her tenacity helped me to relearn the critical skills necessary for safe diving while enjoying maximum fun! I am a business owner and my time is limited, but Laura made it possible for me to complete my dive instruction efficiently. Her passion and dedication for her profession show through in every aspect of her instruction – it is clear that she loves what she does and wanted me to have the most positive and memorable experience. Laura’s people skills and extensive knowledge made me feel at ease. Within the first few minutes of my lesson, I knew I was in the right hands. I truly appreciated her patience, preciseness and awareness of my personal needs.

Laura is also super knowledgeable about the many dive sites South Florida offers. One of the more inspiring dives was at the Blue Heron Lagoon with two boys, a 10 and 13 year old here on vacation. – We had a blast, saw amazing sea life, and the enthusiasm and fearlessness of these young kids was infectious! The ocean dive was also a fabulous experience. Laura’s guidance and genuine concern for my success made me feel like a pro. What a great day and what invaluable skills I developed.

Thanks Laura for sticking by my side and for making sure I achieved scuba diving success! I look forward to continuing more advanced dives with you.

The Best Thing I Have Ever Done

I can't thank Laura enough for helping me overcome my fear of diving. Thanks to her, I've learned to re-appreciate a sport I once loved as a kid. Her knowledge and respect of Scuba and the ocean is admirable, and her patience is incredibly rare.

For anyone looking to get certified, Laura is the only instructor you should turn to for an awesome experience underwater.