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Getting Scuba Certified Will Change Your Life For the Better!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

So many great things come with continuing your education in scuba diving. The more time and practice you invest underwater the better you become at your scuba diving or snorkeling and the more marine life you will see. Without question, it will change your world, for the better!

Once people pass scuba diving certification or their driver’s license exam they never take another lesson again. Well, I think we all know people that NEED to take additional training in automobile driving or scuba diving. Anyone who thinks they know it all is a dangerous person to be around. I suggest avoiding those people on the road and especially in the Ocean.

In the State of Florida, there are 7 ship wrecks in the deeper depth range that require the Advanced Open Water Certification to be qualified to dive upon them. Advanced dives are defined as those with heavy seas, poor visibility, confusing currents and deeper depths.

In my professional opinion, the AOW (Advanced Open Water Course) should be mandatory, especially for people who dive frequently with bad skill sets.

For Really Smart People That Want More Knowledge about Scuba Diving

Advanced Open Water Diver Course (2-3 day minimum)

This class is five more dives with your instructor, Laura Parke, RN. Private Scuba Lessons throws in an extra dive for free, so you actually get six dives in during a three day period. The following activities will take place on the training dives at sea, of course weather permitting:

Rescue Diver Course

The Rescue Diver Class offers new skill sets to accomplished divers of AOW.

The prequalification is that you must have an Open Water and Advanced Open Water Certification and must have logged 60 documented dives or more. In addition, you must obtain and hold a current First Aid/CPR card.

You will learn to use an oxygen kit and be rehearsed in assessing the signs and symptoms of the following injuries:

You will dive with an authentic Professional Dive Instructor teaching scuba for the last 15 years and diving since she was 9 years old.
Laura was a first-hand witness to a near drowning incident when she was 11 years old at Molasses Reef in Key Largo, Florida. This is the reason she touts more scuba lessons!
Unfortunately, the victim’s friend took him scuba diving for the very first time in the ocean. The man went right to the bottom due to NO training at all.
Fortunately for the man, dove to the bottom and pulled the victims CO2 cartridge. He floated to the surface and was resuscitated successfully.
This could have all been avoided by the wise decision to take additional training in scuba diving facilitated by a professionally trained instructor.

The Dive Master Course

The Dive Master course is your first level of professional training. Upon successful completion of Rescue and logging an authentic 100 documented dives you are eligible to enroll in the course. This class will give you the following training perspectives:

As a Dive Master, you will be qualified to supervise diving activities and assist with diver training. Whether you want to work at a faraway destination or close to home, the adventure of a lifetime and a lifetime of scuba education awaits you.

Allow six weeks of diving on weekends with students to complete. If you find an agency that will do it in one weekend, then you’ve been rubber stamped with a huge dis-service to scuba and the people that count on you to be fully ready and educated for every little detail, both above and below the water.

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