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Scuba Day Courses

The Easiest Way to Have a Great Vacation and Create Scuba Lifetime Memories with Your Family

Get ready to have “The Best Vacation Ever”, is what our clients have said about their experience with our Private Scuba Lessons diving agency.

From the moment you arrive, your time will be well spent, not just in the quantity of time but also in the quality of fun time in one scuba package price!.

You and your family will have taken care of all the preliminary paperwork ahead of time, before you arrive in town. Depending on which course you take you may be doing all your home study before coming to south Florida.

Scuba Diving Training in the Pool is Fun

You and your family will meet at the pool in Hollywood or Weston. The pool location will be disclosed upon your registration. Your sizes for the equipment come down to height, weight and shoe size. All the scuba gear necessary will be provided for you right at the pool.

The first step to scuba training is orientation to the gear on land. This is hands on where you are touching and assembling the equipment. Then we move on to the pool and have you put on all the dive gear. The end result is that you are standing on the bottom in fresh clear water, in complete control and having fun at the same time.

Scuba is a wonderful sensation of breathing effortlessly underwater and swimming weightlessly like the astronauts in space. Having the time to touch, feel, sense, taste, see and hear what it is like to be hanging out underwater with marine life. Scuba can’t be compared to anything else on earth.

You will do all your initial training in the swimming pool, where you will learn mask clearing skills, in addition to many other important abilities. Private Scuba Lessons gives you comfort, confidence and safety underwater before moving on to the Atlantic Ocean.

Why take Private Scuba Lessons?

1. Save time – smaller classes go quicker with only a few people

2. Dive safe – authentic experienced instructor with you entire time

3. Get results – our proprietary technique works well with all types of learners

Your dive training in the pool takes the most time. After all, some people pick it up faster than others. Not to worry, taking Private Scuba Lessons is so you don’t have to feel rushed or peer pressured like in group lessons.

Private Scuba Lessons Give You Comfort, Confidence and Safety

You will be enamored, charmed and enchanted by all the marine life you will be seeing up close and personal. South Florida is home to turtles, rays, octopuses, goliath groupers, lobsters and hundreds of others. Many of these above mentioned marine life are seen on a daily basis. See our Private Tours tab for dive/snorkel locations and marine life maps.

You and your family will be having the ride of your life on your best vacation ever. We visit coral reefs and shipwrecks scuba diving in the depth between 12-25 feet of sea water. South Florida sits in the middle of the Gulf Stream where snappers, groupers, barracudas, parrot fish, and 650 other species of fish are seen daily. (see Private Tours Navigation Tab for all locations and sea life)

You will be amazed at how fast time goes by.  You are in another world with no clock and no electronic interruptions. You are in a world of your own, with scuba equipment of your own, in an aquarium of your own ocean while swimming harmoniously with turtles, fish and much, much more.

All You Have to Do Next is Make a Phone Call for Reservation

Hopefully, you will be one of those really smart folks and call now for a reservation. We work by appointment only.

It is easy to book a lesson with Laura and it is the only way to make an appointment. You must call or text the number on this website. You will not get a secretary or assistant, a call center or a voice answering service. You might get voice mail if Laura is submerged underwater with clients or in the classroom. Only then will you be asked to leave a message.

The reason Laura works alone is because she can only take so many people per day and per week. The clients that are serious (not curious) call to make an appointment because they want to be a part of the special few that get to train with Laura.

The reason you have to telephone in your credit card (or to give your address so she can send you the course materials before arriving in town) is because Laura does not like using her credit card on the internet so she doesn’t ask her clients to do it either. This way, there is no chance of hacking your information on-line and no chance of identity theft by our company, anyway.

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you do not increase your confidence in and around the water over the course of the class, just let us know and we will send you a prompt refund. All you have to do is let Laura know after the end of the pool training session. No questions asked.

Call now to get started on your awesome new hobby. Scuba dive today and remember it forever!

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P.S. You will receive Free pictures of your Scuba Diving or Snorkeling, a $250 retail value. So call Laura today!