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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Continuing Education is Fun and Focused

You have reached this life changing website, congratulations.  Maybe you are planning to visit to South Florida to go  scuba diving or go snorkeling for the first time, or maybe it’s just been a long time. If you are interested in becoming a certified diver at any level then read on. If you are looking for a day course or a one time experience, then go back to our navigation tabs and click
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You Only Need to Get Scuba Certified if:

You are an Aspiring Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Video or Photographer of the sea. Chances are you will be spending a lot of time under the water studying everything you need to know and scuba diving will be one of those requirements. We give special consideration to aspiring Ocean lovers.

How Does the Scuba Certification Process Work?

The SCUBA certification has 3 parts to be completed by the trainee: (approx. 25 hours)

You may read a book or read the materials on-line. There are a total of five chapters in the book. You are required to take the mini-exams in the back of each chapter. Once completed, you will watch a training video. You are now done with the Academic portion of the process. With no cell phone or social media distractions, this portion of the process should take you only  4-6 hours.
Pool Training:
You will take what you learned In the reading section and apply it to the pool. There is no time limit on how long it takes for you to master your scuba skills.  These scuba drills will train you to understand everything you will need to know to scuba dive safely and with confidence. You will master mask    clearing, underwater signals, buoyancy control and much more.
Ocean Training:
Now comes the fun part of the SCUBA experience! If you think the pool was fun, the ocean is even better. This is the MOMENT in time that you have waited all your life: to be able to see and swim in another world with the marine life. You will find is that Scuba Diving is a unique and visceral experience, that really touches all the senses.

You Will Not Be Disappointed

Private or Group Lessons? Only you can answer this question. If you are not timid or shy and work well with others in a group, than group lessons will work for you. (We do provide a Private Group Lesson as well if you have more than two people) However, if you are shy or timid and feel pressured in front of a group than you need to take your time to learn the skills. Not feeling pushed or rushed is important especially in the pool training. If this is you, than private scuba lessons are a better choice. Take this quick survey for to see if you would be better off taking group or private scuba lessons.

You Deserve Private Scuba Lessons if:

Many dive shops will charge you for private scuba lessons and then put you in a pool with other people. You might find them on your ocean training piece and like most people, you are too nice to say anything. That behavior is really wrong, and you won’t find it with Laura.

Our company provides Private Scuba Lessons, ONLY. We never mix people and rarely do we cancel unless weather is the issue for cancelling because the winds are heavy.

Most dive shop operators do not have a private scuba instructor that can accommodate your schedule or your special needs. Call around and find out.

Match.Com, Vacation Village Marriott and Quality Inn of Hollywood Florida already made up their minds and have been doing business with us since 2002. If you need accommodations when you are visiting call and mention our name and tell them you are taking a scuba/snorkeling tour or lesson with Laura for a free upgrade to your room.

You can take our word for it, read our reviews and call our references. (Doing your due diligence is a good thing)
If you take the time and compare apples to apples, then you will be calling back.

Our company is genuinely caring and considerateness matters with us when you take the time be our client

Here’s How To Order Your Private Scuba Lessons With Laura

The next step would be to plan a time when you are coming to Florida or just want to get it done. You must please make an appointment for your adventure of a lifetime. So please call with your calendar schedule in front of you. Prices are as follows:  A la Carte Scuba Lessons, all inclusive at $799 each.  You keep mask, fins and snorkel at $ 999 each and whole enchilada at $ 1899 each.

It is easy to book a lesson with Laura and it is the only way to make an appointment. You must call or text the number on this website. You will not get a secretary or assistant, a call center or a voice answering service. You might get voice mail if Laura is submerged underwater with clients or in the classroom. Only than will you be asked to leave a message.

The reason Laura works alone is because she can only take so many people per day and per week. The clients that are serious call to make an appointment because they want to be a part of the special few that get to train with Laura.

The reason you have to telephone in your credit card (or to give your address so she can send you the course materials before arriving in town) is because Laura does not like using her credit card on the internet so she doesn’t ask her clients to do it either.  This way, there is no chance of hacking your information on-line and no chance of identity theft.

You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee. If you do not increase your confidence in and around the water over the course of the class, just let us know and we will send you a prompt refund. All you have to do is let us know after the end of the pool training session. No questions asked.

Call now to get started on your awesome new hobby. Scuba dive today and remember it forever!

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P.S. You will receive Free pictures of your Scuba Diving with Laura so book today.

There will be no refunds issued after 30 days of registering for a class