Lauderdale By the Sea Beach

3 Basics for Snorkeling

What are the 3 basics for snorkeling and if missing your experience will suffer dramatically? A Proper Fitting Mask, Flexible Fins, and calm conditions with clear water. That's what you're seeing here in Palm Beach Snorkeling. Clear water with NO CHOP. Snorkeling is always perfect and never a rush. #LoveFL #Vacation #outdoors #adventure

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Call Now to Make a Reservation at 954.547.4818 or Click the Button

It is easy to book a lesson. The only way to make an appointment for your scuba or snorkeling is by calling directly at 954.547.4818.
You will not speak with a secretary, an assistant, a call center or an answering service. You will talk to Laura personally unless she is submerged in the pool or ocean or with clients in the classroom. Only in that circumstance will you be asked to leave a voice mail. Your call will be usually be returned the same business day.

Since Laura teaches your scuba class personally, she can only take on so many clients in one day or one week, and we like to talk with your personally. so that is why you have to call. Your vital information besides (height, weight, shoe size and mailing address to send you the course materials) your credit card number can not be hacked over the telephone assuring your transaction safety. You can get to know Laura too, she is very friendly and easy to talk too.

Call Me Now 954.547.4818

P.S. You will receive Free pictures of you Scuba Diving with Laura so book today.