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Palm Springs

Private Guided Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Tours

Explore scuba diving and snorkeling in Palm Springs, Florida today! Whether you’re planning a family vacation to Palm Beach, or just want to try something new, get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Discover the thrill of underwater exploration: from beautiful South Florida marine life to historic underwater shipwrecks, Private Scuba Lessons offers families and diving enthusiasts an intimate and personal approach to scuba diving in the world’s third-largest barrier reef.

Private Scuba Lessons provides professional guided scuba diving lessons and snorkeling tours to residents of Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas.

We offer PADI certification, private scuba diving and snorkeling lessons, ala-carte scuba diving and advanced specialty courses for continued scuba education. All private guided scuba diving and snorkeling tours are instructed by Laura Parke and can be customized by experience level for your family’s safety and comfort.

Become Scuba Certified

Private Scuba Lessons is the perfect opportunity for first-time divers to become scuba certified. We provide private or guided scuba lessons, including a three-step certification process for beginners’ safety and comfort.

Private Scuba Lessons is licensed and certified for scuba diving training and tours, and Laura is fully prepared to accommodate any special needs or concerns prior to your underwater excursion.

Bucket List Scuba

For one-timers, friends, or family members, you can opt for Bucket List Scuba lessons that do not require certification. With Bucket List Scuba lessons, you’re able to get a feel for scuba diving before hitting open water.  All Bucket List beginners are provided with the necessary SCUBA gear to practice basic scuba diving techniques in a fresh water pool. Private and group scuba diving lessons and tours will be accompanied by a trained, professional diving instructor every step of the way—from the classroom, to pool training, to diving in the Atlantic Ocean.

Our unique style and personalized service will transform your Bucket List scuba diving experience. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly snorkeling and diving tours or want to explore a new hobby for the first time, we’re ready to make your Palm Springs vacation unforgettable.

To learn more about Bucket List Scuba, click here.

Contact Us

Ready to begin your guided scuba diving lessons in Palm Springs? It’s easy to book an appointment with Laura. Contact Private Scuba Lessons today to schedule a free consultation. For more information, call (954) 547-4818 or visit our Contact Us page.