Would You Be Willing To Try Scuba Diving And Discover For Yourself Why 99% Of People Who Scuba Dive Rant And Rave About It Quickley Becoming Fanatics Even If You Are Not A Good Swimmer.

By December 26, 2015 Blog

Do I have to be a good swimmer to Scuba Dive?
The answer is no because “good” swimmer is a subjective term. In addition, we put fins on your feet which will make any weak swimmer stronger.

Think about it… even if your face goes under the water you are fine. In Scuba Diving we carry our air with us and it’s delivered straight into our mouth whether we are on the surface or far below it with the regulator hose.

Not only that, but your Scuba Instructor, Laura Parke, is one of only a few instructors in the world that is a Swimming Instructor. This means that she can correct your technique and help you make the most of your efforts so that you can glide through the water without becoming exhausted. She can correct your swimming or polish your technique, what ever the case might be. You are guaranteed to have a good experience under the water or you will get your money back.

Illustrated below is a Real Time Client Profile:

Fritz Rocourt, Electrician New York.
Fritz came to Ft.Lauderdale in 2008, with a little trepidation about scuba because he did not feel his swimming was up to par. After a long conversation on the phone about his swimming style he agree to go for it. After all, offer a money back guarantee, what did he have to lose? Fritz came down from New York and we trained together for a few days in the pool and ocean. The he completed his Open Water Certification with flying colors.

This year, in November, Fritz returned to continue his dive training. We did six dives together around the Palm Beach area including the Blue Heron Bridge. At the end of his six dives he was able to steady a camera and take pictures without silting out the bottom. His buoyancy improved dramatically with real time Scuba Diving in the water. That is the key- you have to get in the water to practice being in the water! Fritz’s new skill mastery is a really big deal. Remember, he had started out with a sense of unease. Now, one year later, he has returned to South Florida and continued his training and he has the pictures to prove it. Way to go, Fritz!

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