What Is The Hardest Thing About Being A Scuba Instructor?

By December 26, 2015 Blog

So You Might Be Surprised To Know What The Hardest Thing About Being An SDI Scuba Instructor.

By most peoples standards you probably think I have a great job and for the most part I do.
There are many things that go on behind the scenes in getting ready to conduct and deliver a scuba diving experience in a positive, fun and safe way. But, I am here to talk about the not so fun parts.

Many people have stated to me that teaching a moron to scuba dive would be my most challenging incident. Another guess would be not passing someone in the Scuba course. Well, it is neither one of those things you might think.

By far the hardest the thing about my job is to say good bye to my clients when you leave me. Seriously. Many of you, if not most of you, we had several great dives together as well as memorable pre and post diving events.

There is something about being a divebuddy and Scuba Diving with someone that makes an automatic positive connection. Maybe it’s the common bond of the love of the ocean.

Maybe it was the great conversations on board the boat where it is said, “Everything that happens or said at sea, stays at sea.” A well known quote. Scuba diving has bonded us together whether you know it or not.

One couple I went to dinner with after diving, she actually sang a song with the band that was playing there, impromptu. She rocked the house. And she, like many others I have never seen again.Seriously. I want you to come back to Florida and visit me. There are so many more dive locations we have to explore, indulge and savor the seas together.

For those of you that I have yet to meet, I look forward to diving with you and enjoying the adventure and indulging in scuba diving under the ocean as many times as you want.

Scuba Diving is easier than you think. I am always happy to answer any questions about any aspect of diving that you might have that you have always wanted to ask. Email me or phone me.

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