They All Laughed When I Said It’s Easy to Snorkel with the Right Snorkeling Professional and When They Did — It Was — Pleasure Beyond Measure

By December 26, 2015 Blog

You love the ocean, the world beneath the sea. You long to visit and experience the two-thirds of the planet that you’ve been missing.

One of those places under water that you’ve been missing is Palm Beach Florida and the Blue Heron Bridge. The Lake Worth Inlet is the most proliferate underwater habitat in North America.

The snorkeling trail is a lagoon is protected by the Port of Palm Beach. Your snorkeling adventure begins when we meet at the park and get outfitted for proper snorkeling gear. You’ll receive instruction for standards, swimming, signaling, and staying together.

When we’re ready, we will walk into the water from the beach (no boat in which to get seasick). Once you have donned all the equipment, you will put your face in the water while still standing on the bottom and instantly see fish. Some creatures are small, some big, some obvious, some hidden, but there are too many to count, literally.

You’ll see more than 650 species of fish, crabs, shrimp and lobsters. Growing on the rocks are soft and hard corals, which are the ocean’s plant-like living organisms.

I will personally guide you through your journey in the sea. Once you are comfortable we will swim to the snorkeling trail, which is in 5 feet of seawater and progresses to about 12 feet as its deepest point.

We visit many coral rock trails that cover a football field, but are close to the shoreline. The swim to the snorkel trail is only 20 yards away. You can snorkel as long as 90 minutes, but you may end at any time.

You can wish for the chance to snorkel, but if you let things like a fear of sharks, drowning, or another person’s fish stories scare you, you won’t make it happen. The real truth is that snorkeling is safe, fun and amazing, if you learn from the best professional possible.

I invite you to learn from me. Thousands have come through my snorkeling school and here’s why…
I am nearly a fish; I literally grew up in the place where I’ll be teaching you. I am a South Florida native and a tenured diving instructor with 10 years of experience. I also am a Registered Nurse with five years of emergency room experience.

I am an expert swimmer and in my schooling of lifeguarding, teaching Scuba and playing water polo, I have developed my own proprietary techniques through my study and research. I can make anyone better in the water, guaranteed.

Humor columnist Dave Barry says:

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on under water, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.”

Now here’s the deal: You have two days left before this deal swims away for good.

If you pass it up, just think of what you’d be missing: A chance to explore South Florida’s beautiful beaches in a way most people never will. Gentle warm breezes and the smell of salt water will calm you as you gear up to meet face to face with creatures you’ll never see on land.

If exploring the ocean in all its beauty and wonder is something you’ve always wanted to do, sign up for this deal now, and cross a wonderful snorkeling adventure in the sea off your Bucket List!

by Laura Parke, RN, Master Scuba Trainer, Author and Speaker @ Private Scuba

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