The Top 3 Myths About Scuba Diving

By December 26, 2015 Blog

Myth #1

You Do NOT Have To Be Certified To Go Scuba Diving. You must train in the pool first, then listen to a short lecture and take a 9 question true/false test. This is done in an effort to make you comfortable before going in the ocean but we train you in the pool first, not just kick you off the boat without proper training.

You become familiar with all the equipment, your breathing, (first and foremost), how your body feels with all the equipment on underwater and getting used to the feeling of weightlessness, just like the astronauts in space.

After the pool training, approximately 90 minutes you are ready to dive in ocean with me, your instructor. I go with you. I never leave your side and stay within 8 feet of you at all times. You get to experience all that scuba diving has to offer. Then you can make a decision if you want to continue on with the certification course or not.

Myth # 2

You Will NOT Get Eaten By A Shark. I am living proof of diving over 30 years and have NEVER, I repeat
N-E-V-E-R been attacked or threatened by a shark of any kind. I have been spearfishing as well and never been provoked by a shark. I promise you.Statistically, it has always been surfers that are bitten by sharks because they resemble turtles. Their surfboards appears as the belly of the turtle with arms and legs hanging over the board. To a shark it appears like the turtles flippers and food. That is why they are bitten the most.

I will personally guarantee you will NOT be bitten and I will protect you by throwing myself in front of the shark for you IF that would ever happen.

Myth # 3

You Will Not Drown. Many people are afraid to try scuba because they had a bad snorkeling experience. Scuba and Snorkeling are two different activities entirely. My youtube video discusses this at length.

So watch this informative video for yourself at

Thinking you have to be a great swimmer is not accurate because I have taught below average swimmers how to be better swimmers with fins and personal coaching. I have many testimonials from people who feel that they could never scuba yet working with me, they have done so triumphant and gratefully.

Why should you listen to me? Because I have successfully coached and certified over 700 people how to scuba dive concurrently with a perfect safety record. This means without ANY incidents or accidents.

In my youth, I learned to scuba dive and was a lifeguard. I am a world class All American Water polo player and swimmer in high school and college. In addition, I am a Registered Nurse, so if anything does happen (and it won’t) I am poised to handle the situation with ease.

I have a personal, no risk guarantee. If I can’t get you underwater with happiness and joy I will refund your money without question. You have nothing to loose and a lifetime of happy memories with your family and friends to gain.

I welcome you comments and questions.

Laura Parke, RN
America’s Best Scuba Instructor
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

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