The 5 Things To Consider In a Private Scuba Instructor

By December 26, 2015 Blog

How do You find a competent Scuba Instructor? There are five things listed below that you should consider about them and probably ask to be sure, because “your life depends on it.”

In today’s market place you have many options when it comes to Scuba Training. There are independent trainers who work from their homes or come to you for Scuba Certification Classes.

But with all of these options how do you choose the Scuba Instructor, the Scuba Agency (brand) that is right for you?

Consideration #1. A Scuba Instructor that: “sells” you a session or scuba equipment before putting you though a rigorous scuba assessment. Or if they keep coming back to the same gear in conversation which is usually the top of the line. Life support equipment has lots of variations in price and features. However, low end or high end nobody makes cheap life support equipment. What they should be spending the most time on is the perfect fit for your mask.

Consideration #2. A Scuba Instructor: Should promote the health and fitness of the sea. Don’t scuba train with someone who litters the ocean, or spear fish and lobster hunting is their only past time while they dive. You should ask that question. Just because they sound good or look the part. All that glitters is not gold. Investigate a Scuba Instructors background and personal training history before your hire them.

Consideration #3. Keep in Mind: Having a private Scuba Diving Instructor is an intuitive process that is unique to each individual. Continue to interview people until you feel confident you’ve found a Scuba instructor who will be able to help meet your scuba diving goals. The training relationship is a unique partnership – and for maximal success you need to find the best person possible.

Consideration #4. Ask for References: Check with the trainers current clients to determine whether they enjoy working with that person. Ask the Scuba instructor as many questions as it takes to help you gain your warm fuzzy level with them or not.

Consideration #5. Glitz and Glamour: Don’t hire someone just because they razzle dazzle you with their quick talk and an overbearing answer to your every question. Usually people are that way when they are hiding a weakness or insecurity. That usually means lack of scuba experience.

Generally, I don’t try to repair my own car or give myself professional dental care or handle my own legal affairs. Unless I am uniquely qualified, (only in scuba) I hire a professional to do those things for me. Hiring a Scuba Instructor is no different. Your life depends on it.

written by Laura Parke, RN, Master Scuba Instructor, author, speaker and entrepreneur.

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