Scuba Diving The Most Important Thing To Remember

By December 26, 2015 Blog

What do you do every single day without thinking or effort?

Believe it or not the most important thing to remember about Scuba Diving is something that you do every single day. You do it usually without thinking about it much. You do it unconsciously and without effort. You do it to sustain your life on a daily basis and never even give thought to it. Can you guess what it is?

The most important thing in Scuba Diving is breathing normally. Breathing normally is so paramount in Scuba Diving. Most of the scuba diving books you may read say breath deeply and slowly. I am here to tell you that is wrong.

Why is it wrong? Because breathing slowly and deeply is not a normal breath. A normal breath is something that you do when you are sitting and watching television or playing a game of cards. To feel normal under the water you need to breath normal.

When you breath on the surface you breath without hearing yourself per se. However, breathing under the surface of any body of water you will hear yourself inhale and exhale. Why is that? Because water is denser than air and you are breathing air under a pressurized system.

For some people this is kind of freaky at first but it is something that you get accustomed to.

Something so simple and effortless on the surface is a little different under the water and that is why we train in a swimming pool under controlled conditions so you get accustomed to it. If you ever take scuba lessons and the instructors try to take you right to the ocean without training in a swimming pool first, run away fast, don’t walk away.

Having a bad experience is like the number two reason why people don’t continue scuba diving and this is not your fault. You had a bad instructor! There are those. In last months issue of my scuba diving magazine for us professionals over 150 instructors had repremands listed against them. Seriously, I am telling you this not to tout myself but to call it to your attention that not all scuba instructors are alike.

We practice breathing under the water in the pool first. As your instructor, I do not move on to any of the other skills about scuba diving until you master this first. For some people one pool training session is enough, for others it may take two or three pool sessions. No two people are alike and I never take you to the ocean unless your breathing is under control and you have mastered all the other skills as well.

You will tell me and show me that you are feeling good and confident under the water in the pool first. Then we will go out the ocean in the Fort Lauderdale area to become one with the fish and the ocean and your being.

There is not another sport in all the world like scuba diving. Nothing can compare to it and nothing can take the place of the feeling and the exhilaration of swimming in an aquarium untethered to gravity as well as seeing marine life up close and personal.

Guess what? Anybody can do scuba diving as long as they breath normal and relax. The most important part is once again a normal breath. If you have had a bad experience Scuba Diving I want to hear about it. So please write me or text me with your thoughts.

written by Laura Parke, Registered Nurse and Master Scuba Diver Trainer at Private Scuba

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