How To Navigate Underwater To A Never Before Published Scuba Diving Site Which Happens To Be The Oldest And Most Proliferate Scuba Diving Venue On Hollywood Beach Florida.How To Navigate Underwater To A Never Before Published Scuba Diving Site Which Happens To Be The Oldest And Most Proliferate Scuba Diving Venue On Hollywood Beach Florida.

By December 26, 2015 Blog

Imagine, you are sitting on Hollywood Beach, sunbathing in the warm Florida rays on a calm and clear day. From time, to time you will see a set of scuba divers heading across the sand into the surf. They are making their way out to a very well kept secret dive site.

Looking from the beach, towards the sea, you would never know that there was another underwater world just waiting to be discovered. This secret dive site makes every dive a new ride because of the abundance of marine life and new coral growth.

dscn03751Fifteen years ago the Army Core of Engineers built an outflow pipe to sea ending in 90′ft of water. To make sure the cement culverts stayed buried under the sea floor itself, in the event of hurricane, they laid large solid bricks, followed by big boulders and then another set of blocks with holes in them.

The pictures you are seeing are from the actual dive site, the actual blocks, bricks and boulders that local divers affectionately refer to as the Michigan Sidewalk. The dive site gets its name due to the latitudinal landmark from shore which is Michigan Street in Hollywood, Florida. “Sidewalk” because it resembles a cement walk way.

You need to reference Michigan Street when swimming from shore to line you up properly to find this needle in the haystack. Many people try finding this scuba site every year and miss it due to poor navigational skills.

Finding This Site Is Very Tricky. Attempting to head out on your own, without a knowledgeable guide, can lead to a variety of unpleasant and possible dangerous scenarios including: exhaustion, running out of air and plain old frustration as you never find that which you were seeking.

If you want to be guaranteed off seeing thousands of fish and wildlife, the whole point of going scuba diving then you need to be well trained. Navigational training is especially important if you want to find the Michigan Sidewalk. As you can see from the pictures, marine life is everywhere.

dscn04351 Some highlights of these pictures are blue tangs, yellow grunts, pink and green sponges, sea whips, gregonias, stoplight parrot fish and a healthy cluster of Staghorn Coral. This species of Coral only grows in Florida and is on the endangered species list. This piece, shows signs of health and vitality.

If you are interested in seeing more marine life in 50 minutes than you will in most of your diving career put together, guaranteed, than make sure you contact me. I will get you to this needle in the haystack, secret dive site quickly and easily. Once there you will have a great time as we explore this amazing underwater world and I will ensure you arrive home again safely with fantastic stories to tell and lifetime memories. (priceless)
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